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 Surrounding students with a community of support

empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.

Don't Miss Out

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Join our team at our PANERA BREAD FUNDRAISER! The event will be June 20th, from 4pm-8pm this year.
Join us for a night of giving! Use code 'FUND4U' at checkout to amplify your donation and help us make a difference in the lives of CISD students. Every dollar counts, and your support means the world to us.

Scan the QR code to RSVP!!

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Don't miss our exciting Summer Enrichment Program on June 19th at at Merrick-Moore Elementary, Eno Valley, Glenn, Eastway and Bethesda. FREE breakfast and lunch will be provided as well! Save the date and join us for an unforgettable summer.
Need more information? Click the link below for further details..

Every child needs and deserves:

A one-on-one relationship with a caring adult

A safe place to learn and grow

A healthy start and a healthy future
A marketable skill to use upon graduation
A chance to give back to peers and community

Established in 1992, Communities In Schools of Durham champions the use of evidence-based programs to help youth stay in school, graduate on time, and succeed in life
As a part of the most effective dropout-prevention network in the U.S., we change the outcome of thousands of youth in Durham.

Durham Facts


Health and Safety

  • Durham is ranked 37th for health in the state.

  •  Over 20% of people in Durham are food insecure.

  • Durham County has one of the highest youth detention admission rates in the state.



  • Durham is ranked 84th for education in the state.

  • 55% of Durham students were unable to read at grade level or pass Math 1 EOCs.

  • Durham county is 15% below the state average for reading and math proficiency.

  • 20% of students were unable to graduate.


Economic Development

  •  1 in 4 children in Durham county lives in poverty

  •  42% of children in Durham county lives in a single parent home

You can help!!

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