Established in 1992, Communities In Schools of Durham champions the use of evidence-based programs to help youth stay in school, graduate on time, and succeed in life


As a part of the most effective dropout-prevention network in the U.S., we change the outcome of thousands of youth in Durham.

Durham facts

Durham Facts


Health and Safety

  • Durham is ranked 37th for health in the state.

  •  Over 20% of people in Durham are food insecure.

  • Durham County has one of the highest youth detention admission rates in the state.



  • Durham is ranked 84th for education in the state.

  • 55% of Durham students were unable to read at grade level or pass Math 1 EOCs.

  • Durham county is 15% below the state average for reading and math proficiency.

  • 20% of students were unable to graduate.


Economic Development

  •  1 in 4 children in Durham county lives in poverty

  •  42% of children in Durham county lives in a single parent home