During these unprecedented times of school closures, work reduction, stay at home orders, and everything else that comes with a global pandemic, CIS Durham students and families are disproportionately more vulnerable than ever. CIS coaches and staff are maintaining close relationships with hundreds of students and families by providing virtual services and ongoing support.

How CIS Durham is Supporting Students and Families

During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Family Needs Assessments

CIS Durham staff has conducted Needs Assessments for families to address critical basic and educational needs.  Our success and graduation coaches have always served as resource navigators in our community and those efforts have been expanded with school closures and COVID-19.  CIS of Durham has been helping connect families with various academic, technology, health, and other relevant community resources.

Incredible Years Parenting Classes

CIS is continuing to run the Incredible Years Parenting program through a virtual platform.  Meals are delivered to the families as they stay connected and participate in each class.

Virtual Learning Activities

In order to maximize the number of students served, CIS Durham hosts interactive group learning games and STEM activities each week including:

  • Online Math games that are grade specific and align with Common Core Standards

  • English/Language Arts (ELA) Games and Learning activities through “Durham Reads Together”

  • STEM weekly backyard activity with “The Backyard Scientist” offering students an opportunity to study science in their own backyards and with a simple at-home science experience

Staying Connected

Our coaches are working hard to sustain their one-on-one relationships with their students. In the face of school closings, they have come up with innovative solutions.  These include creating Zoom, Google Hangout and FaceTime sessions to maintain relationships between students and their mentors and to set up peer support groups for students who may be struggling emotionally. Coaches are maintaining regular communication with students, teachers, and families.