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#25DaysOfGiving: Give the Gift of Enrichment

“It's imperative to give students the opportunity to use different forms of technology to enhance their skills,” says Brittany Gregory, a Student Support Specialist at Y. E. Smith Elementary School. “In the classroom, students are given opportunities to use technology and digital media for school assignments are projects. Ultimately, educators are responsible for preparing students for our competitive global society.”

According to a 2012 survey by PBS LearningMedia, 81 percent of teachers think mobile devices enrich classroom education, and students today have come to expect greater exposure to technology and multimedia learning within the classroom. Not all schools, however, have the resources to provide this type of high-tech learning experience—and it's often the neediest and most vulnerable students that miss out as a result.

At Communities In Schools of Durham, we hope to equip more of our high-risk students with 21st century tools like tablets for 21st century learning. We know that any hands-on tech tool is a hit with students and can engage even the most disinterested learner.

“From my experience in the classroom, students are much more responsive when an activity is interactive,” Brittany says. “Instead of relying heavily on text books, students are able to use many different media sources to enhance their learning. For example, if a fourth grade class is learning about landforms. They can use Google Maps to go on a virtual field trip and see examples of landforms from all over the world.”

We aim to give the most vulnerable students these types of experiences, setting them up to succeed in school and in life. We love it when our students can make real-world connections and master skills they could use after graduation, and tablet-powered learning can aid in that immensely. But we couldn't do it without the support of our community members and donors. A gift of $300 can enrich one student's learning with an interactive tablet-based curriculum.

Join us during our #25DaysOfGiving and consider making an online donation to enrich the lives of our students.

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