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#25DaysOfGiving: Give the Gift of Interactive Learning

Technology and interactive apps are some of the best ways to capture a student's attention in today's classroom. Even the most disengaged student can find excitement in fighting off zombies by solving math problems or navigating a plane while learning about the parts of speech.

Not all schools, however, have the resources to provide this type of high-tech learning experience—and it's often the neediest and most vulnerable students that miss out as a result. At Communities In Schools of Durham, we hope to equip more of our high-risk students with 21st century tools like interactive apps for 21st century learning.

“Using technology and apps are great to capture a student’s attention,” says Brittany Gregory, a Student Support Specialist at Y. E. Smith Elementary School. “There are many apps designed to drill student on basic skills in math and reading. Flashcard and repeating words over and over quickly becomes stale.”

Interactive learning through tablet apps also allow students to go their own pace and can increase participation. Many of these educational apps, such as Lexia Reading, allow educators to track a student's progress with literacy or math skills and implement a data-driven curriculum. Just $15 can equip a classroom of high-risk students with a handful of these apps to drive engaging, interactive learning.

Join us for the #25DaysOfGiving and consider making an online donation to enrich the lives of our students.

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