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Meet the Team: Crystal Avent, Success Coach

Crystal Avent joined CIS Durham in December 2014 as the Success Coach at Eno Valley Elementary School, one of the newest Durham Public Schools to be served by CIS of Durham.

"I would love to have such an impact on our children at Eno, where should they someday not remember my name, they will never forget what I have taught them." she says.

Crystal has a Bachelors of Science Degree and has taken numerous courses in Elementary Education. Though her professional background began in corporate America, she made the change to elementary education to help shape the lives of others, she says.

Not only did the values of CIS appeal to her, but the chance to work with students in an after-school program reminded her of one of her impactful mentors growing up.

"I had a wonderful mentor in an after-school program," Crystal says. "She helped me to create plays. I remember her taking me to visit her college campus."

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