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Sustainable Living & Me!

During the 2018 summer, students at EK Powe Elementary School are participating in a pilot agriculture program, affectionately named Sustainable Living & Me!. The focus of the program is on being responsible stewards of our environment through agriculture, recycling, and other sustainable living practices. 

In Durham, there is a growing need for more healthy, affordable food options for families as neighborhoods try to navigate gentrification in certain parts of the city, and marginalization in others. Now, more than ever before, there is also an increasing need for more active community engagement and stewardship of our resources. We are hoping to empower students to critically think about some of these social issues that directly affect them through gardening, environmental conservation, and more. 

A special thank you to our funders for their generous support of the program:

  • Mary Duke Biddle Foundation

  • Morgan Creek Foundation

  • Triangle Community Foundation’s Send A Kid To Camp™ Program

  • Syngenta

Weeding the Peace Garden.jpeg
Peace Garden “Before” #2.jpeg
Learning with Mr. Bell_edited.jpg
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